One of the biggest investments in your life.

white 2 In Illinois the market value of weddings is $1.9 Billion and on average most people spend about $26,065 for their wedding.  This is one of the biggest investments that you will take on at the beginning of your marriage next to buying your first house, so shouldn’t you have the best of everything?  It may surprise many of you to know that not all photo booths are created equal.  When I started my company I wanted to make sure that I provided not only the best experience but also the most unique and striking photo booth out there.  I wanted my customers to feel that it is one of the most elegant pieces of the night and would draw their loved ones in to help create a lifetime worth of memories.  If you are going to make such a large investment on your wedding you don’t want to end up with an ugly box in the corner with a shower curtain enclosing it.  You want the kind of photo booth that is another chic accent to your wedding.  All of our photo booths are custom and hand made from the beginning to end.  We use the finest equipment for the highest quality photos and all beautiful hand sewn curtains to give it a truly stunning and distinctive look.   I have been told by several customers, vendors, and venues that our hand crafted photo booths are breathtaking and they have never seen one was elegant as ours at any other event.  Before you make an investment on your photo booth be sure to research as many as you can so that you can compare them for yourself.  Come by our studio in Wheaton, we would love to impress you.
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