Vendors I Like

Hello. My name is Rick Johnson. ( aka PhotoRick Johnson ) I own Best Booth Plus the number one Photo Booth Rental company in the Chicago land area. Best Booth Plus has done more than 1800 events. I also own PhotoRick Photography Photo Studio. The Photo Studio has also done many events as well including weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, graduations, private parties and countless others.  I was raised with the belief that customer service is the most important thing in any business. This is how I run my business. My businesses have won many awards from places like The Knot, Wedding Wire and more. We were even featured on TV for having the best Photo Booth in Chicago.

None of my achievements or my beliefs qualify me as a critic. Nor do they make me a writer. Never the less I thought I would start a blog to tell people about other companies I have had a good experience with. I know it is hard to find just the right vendor for your event but maybe this will help. I will not write anything about any companies that I am not impressed with nor will any company be able to pay me to write about them. I have too much integrity for that. This will only be my own personal experiences with a company I worked side by side with.

I will do some research on each of these companies but I will not ask about prices. I have seen both inexpensive and very expensive companies do great. I think if i see a company do a good job why should I keep that to myself.

Please keep in mind that this will be a blog about experiences I have had with these vendors. I also have the access of the behind the scenes action. I will know if they actually want to be there or just putting up a front to look good. It is important that the people working at your event want to be there and want to make your event successful and enjoyable.